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Kimberly Williams-Paisley helping Feeding America with charity video site

Actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley is using a unique way to help Feeding America and its network of foodbanks across the country.

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Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden by Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden published by Silverback Books

Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden published by Silverback Books

With spring and summer comes “yummy” vegetables at stores and many roadside stands. As the book Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden reminds us, it might take something special to get children to welcome this nutritious food into their diet.

The story, written by actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley and her father Gurney Williams III, features a child named Henry who lives in the city.

Henry enjoys video games, playing, riding his bike and pizza. Vegetables not so much. Even if they come with his pizza, Henry gets rid of them. His parents want him to eat these veggies. They keep encouraging him to try them, but realize it might take something more to make this happen.

Henry’s mother comes up with the idea of sending him to his Aunt Sally’s home for the weekend. Aunt Sally lives far away from the city on a farm. Henry is not thrilled with the idea. Soon he is on his way to Aunt Sally’s to spend time with the family, including cousin Huck who is close to his age.

From the world of the inner city to the farm is a huge adjustment for Henry. It’s an eye opener and the discovery of a secret veggie garden is a life-changer for him.

The book is wonderfully illustrated with farm scenes and animals by Henri Goldsmann. This book is also part of a nationwide campaign started by Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing called “Love your Veggies.”

Grants have been issued to over 80 schools via the program so they can start veggie bars and educational programs about nutrition. These healthy foods become an integral part of fighting child hunger.

According to Feeding America nearly 17 million children suffer from hunger nationwide. They need school lunch and breakfast programs. With summer coming they need feeding programs to fill the gap with schools closed. When veggies are a part of this it makes children healthier and better able to learn and grow.

Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden is a great children’s story, but one also touching upon a very critical issue in America; ending child hunger through healthy eating.

Article first published as Book Review: Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden by Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Gurney Williams III on Blogcritics.

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Teaming Up to Defeat Hunger in America

Announcing the opening of the Fight Hunger Together initiative at Walmart are Feeding America president Vickie Escarra (left) and Kimberly Williams Paisley, an actress and award winning director of the film Shade. Photo credit: Feeding America

Some of the largest companies are teaming together to fight hunger in America, at a time of the year when it’s needed most.

Walmart last week announced its Fighting Hunger Together Campaign to make sure foodbanks have enough supplies to last during the spring and summer months. The foodbanks come to the aid of the 49 million Americans who suffer from food insecurity and struggle to get food on the table. General Mills, ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods and Kellogg Company are joining the hunger relief effort which was announced last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

Walmart says customers can help the hungry when they shop. A press release said signs in the Walmart locations will point customers to products which will have “on-package labels that will “advise customers how to generate meals by entering product codes online, sharing a hashtag on Twitter or scanning a QR code.” Walmart says the campaign is expected to produce 42 million meals.

You can also take part in the campaign by visiting the Walmart facebook page and voting for a community to win a million dollars.

The most important impact of the campaign though will be the awareness it raises about hunger in America. For at this time of the year donations to foodbanks are often reduced and this is especially a cause for alarm with unemployment rates high and potential budget cuts to food assistance programs in Congress.

Vicki Escarra, president and CEO of Feeding America, says, “No one in America should go hungry and we are proud to partner with Walmart in this effort. Through this program, Walmart and its partners are making a powerful impact that will not only address hunger this spring, but will have a lasting effect on the issue of hunger in America.”

The foodbanks across America are facing pressing needs. Lisa Hamler-Fugitt of the Ohio Second Harvest Foodbanks says,”families are stretched to the breaking point and the agencies that serve them are praying for a miracle.”

Donations though are not as robust as during the holidays months. Jennifer Small of the Maryland Food Bank says, “Typically donations are slower the January to September time period.”

Anna Hogan of the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank says, “right now is typically the time period when donations are a bit less likely…. most donations come in during the holidays, and there is typically a drop off during the Spring and Summer.

The Freestore is holding a Hunger Walk next month to help build up food supplies.

Aside from immediate supply shortages, the biggest problem facing the fight against hunger is awareness. There is enough food in the country but funding cuts or not enough involvement from government, the public or companies leaves those fighting hunger without enough resources to do the job.

There is strength in numbers. The more people become aware and get involved the more likely hunger can be ended in America.

Article first published as Teaming up to Defeat Hunger in America on Blogcritics.

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