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Atoms For Peace: How Eisenhower Envisioned Ridding the World of Nuclear Weapons (Dallas Morning News)

We Need Roosevelt’s Third Freedom More Than Ever (Casper Star Tribune)

Eisenhower Saw Food Can Bring Peace (Miami Herald)

School Lunches Would Do More Good Than A Border Wall (Austin American Statesman)

This holiday feed a “silent guest” from Yemen (Des Moines Register)

Inspiration from the Peace of Christmas Eve (Toronto Star)

School Lunches Instead of Border Walls (Bakersfield Californian)

How We Can Save the Children of Guatemala (Las Cruces Sun News)

The World Relies on American Generosity (Baltimore Sun)

Tsunami Shows Why Foreign Aid is Still Vital (Free Lance Star)

Inspiration to Help Us End World Hunger (New Haven Register)

We Need FDR’s Third Freedom More Than Ever (Houston Chronicle)

This holiday feed a “silent guest” from Yemen (Charleston Post Courier)

How Santa and Eisenhower Changed the World (Patriot News)

Remembering Hiroshima, Nuclear Disarmament is the Only Way (Newsweek)

School Meals Can Save a Life and Change the World (Huffington Post)

Send food aid to starving Syrians (Boston Globe)

We Should Feed the Poor Children of the World. It’s Good Foreign Policy (Newsweek)

The Starving People of the Congo Need a Holiday Miracle (The Hill)

John Quincy Adams and the Peace of Christmas Eve (San Jose Mercury News)

Share Dr. King’s Belief in 3 meals a day for the hungry (News and Observer)

On Veteran’s Day Thoughts on Building a Lasting Peace (Des Moines Register)

Failure to do enough to address Syrian hunger helps ISIS recruitment (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Feeding Syrian Children (New York Times)

The Real and Heroic Hunger Games (Huffington Post)

Students Revive Silent Guest Tradition (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Ratify the Treaty to End Nuclear Weapons Testing (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Christmas in July Arrives for Ohio Charity (Huffington Post)

What Do the American And Syrian Civil War Have in Common? (Huffington Post)

Trump Got the Pershing Story Backwards (History News Network)

Build Up Diplomacy, Not Nukes (San Diego Union Tribune)

Why Nuke Treaty Vital for Israel, Iran and the United States (Huffington Post)

Congress Must End Child Hunger in America (Louisville Courier-Journal)

Fighting Hunger Abroad (New York Times)

Food Aid Key to Winning the Peace (Boston Globe)

A Plea to Help the Starving Iraqis (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Article on Summer Hunger in America (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Polar Vortex and Food Stamp Cuts Create Perfect Storm of Hunger (Huffington Post)

The School Lunch that Saved Cincinnati (Huffington Post)

Unfinished Business for the Senate (Washington Post)

The World Cup, Brazil and School Meals (Huffington Post)

Remembering Peace of Christmas Eve (Cincinnati Enquirer)

What Nuclear Weapons Cost the World (New York Times)

Feed a Silent Guest This Thanksgiving (Baltimore Sun)

Nuclear Peace Emerging in the Middle East (Spectrum)

Eisenhower’s Thanksgiving Mission (History News Network)

Meals for SchoolChildren Are Good Foreign Policy (Buffalo News)

Fighting Hunger: Santa’s Year Round Job (Riverside Press Enterprise)

Olympic Skiing and Feeding the Hungry (Huffington Post)

Food Stamps Help Those in Need (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Summer Feeding Means Summer Learning

Humanitarian  Heroes, Both Large and Invisible (Des Moines Register)

Small College Captured Spirit of the Marshall Plan (Huffington Post)

Marathon Champ Says School Meals Changed His Life (Huffington Post)

Preventing Famine in Conflict Regions (Orange County Register) (PDF version)

How to Avoid Famine in Wartime (Providence Journal) (PDF of print version)

Armistice Day, World Peace and Feeding the Hungry (Blogcritics)

Step Up ‘Soft Diplomacy’ (New York Times)

Invisible Guest Campaign Good Model for Today, Too (Cincinnati Enquirer)

U.S. Should Take The Lead in Reducing Nuclear Danger (Albuquerque Journal)

For Thanksgiving, take in a ‘silent guest’ (Orange County Register)

When Santa, Rudolph and Eisenhower took on World Hunger (Blogcritics)

The Great Russian Famine of 1921: When America Heard the Pleas of the Sick and Starving (Blogcritics Magazine)

Bring Silent Guests to Your Table (Wall Street Journal)

The Christmas Carol that Fed the Hungry (Huffington Post)

Veterans Day and Fighting World Hunger (Huffington Post)

Hunger is Huge Foreign Policy Issue  (The Tennessean)

Americans Have a Chance to Reduce World Hunger (Buffalo News)

Next President Should Follow Through To Finish Reagan’s Nuclear Weapons Efforts (Des Moines Register)

Washington Post Letter on Food for Peace (print version)

Online version of Washington Post letter

A Christmas Miracle and a Gift for the World’s Children

The Nuclear Theft From the Poor, Hungry (Bismarck Tribune)

article also published in the Bakersfield Californian

At Election Time, A Plea To Remember the Hungry (New York Times)

Ten-Year Old Cancer Patient Brings Soup to the Hungry and Homeless (Huff Post Impact)

Help America’s Food Banks During Hunger Action Month (Buffalo News)

Cincinnati Art Museum Taking on Global Hunger Crisis

Take the Lead in Fighting Hunger at Home and Abroad (Buffalo News)

Hike Funding Now to Avoid More Famines 

On Easter We Should Commit to Feeding Those Without (Buffalo News)

An Independent Nation’s Parallel Path to Lasting Peace

(Free Lance Star) part 1    part 2     article originally published at Blogcritics and History News Network

What You Can Do Today to Help End World Hunger

Expanding Open Skies

History Suggests We Won’t Let Famine Go Unanswered

Ohio has childhood hunger crisis (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Hunger in America and the ‘Penny Lunch’ Tradition (Bakersfield Californian)

Feed a Silent Guest and Help Build World Peace (Buffalo News)

Fighting Hunger in Yemen (New York Times letter)

Guest Column: Free Breakfast Spreads Worldwide (Cincinnati Enquirer)

School Meal programs are defense against child hunger (Cincinnati Enquirer)

(originally published as National School Lunch Week: A Call to Action on Blogcritics)

Famine Strike East Africa Again. Will America respond? (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Well-Fed Must Aid the Hungry (Providence Journal)

(originally published as Same Planet, Two Different Worlds on Blogcritics)

Adopt the spirit of ’47 this holiday season (Bakersfield Californian)

You Can Help Build World Peace on Thanksgiving (Patriot-Ledger)

Halloween Food Drive Shadowed by Ghostly Legend (Huffington Post)

Join Fight Against Child Hunger Here and Abroad (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Big East basketball To Shine Light on war-torn and hungry Sudan (

Another Staving Nation Cries for Assistance (Bakersfield Californian)

Mount St. Joseph Free Rice Team Helping Haiti (

A Tale of Two Mother’s Days in Norway and Afghanistan (History News Network)

Let’s Provide School Lunches Across the World (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Obama Should Copy JFK’s First Days in Office and Fight Hunger (History News Network)

McGovern’s The Third Freedom: Ending Hunger in Our Time is Essential Reading as Congress Debates Food Aid (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Halloween: Trick or Treat, Or Plumpy’nut (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Canada Helped Feed Europe’s Children- Now It Needs to Feed Africa’s (History News Network)

Americans Fought Hunger as Well as Communists in Korea (History News Network)

Let’s feed Afghan democracy: In a land facing hunger, we can fight the war on terror with food (Chicago Sun-Times)

A Salute to the Generosity of Our Soldiers (History News Network)

U.S. Should Make Fighting Global Hunger A Priority (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Mount St. Joe Collects Supplies for Japan (

MSJ Students Feeding Children in Niger with FreeRice (

Brown calls for more USDA support of food banks in Ohio (

Cincinnati’s School Lunch Hero for Disabled Children (

Thanksgiving for Truman’s Cabinet Committee on Food (History News Network)

Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride and the Struggle to End Global Hunger (History News Network)

Bringing Dems and Reps Together over Food (Bakersfield Californian 1/9/2011)

Remembering Duluth’s Generosity and Winning the Peace Today (Duluth News Journal)

Obama’s Policy Toward Yemen is Failing with Food (History News Network)

Heather Hanson of Mercy Corps Talks About the Roadmap to End Global Hunger (

Expand McGovern-Dole School Lunches Program (Wichita Eagle 11/1/2006)

A Bill Congress Should Fund (North Adams Transcript 11/20/2006)

Feeding Haiti Needs Global Effort (Cincinnati Enquirer)

(originally published as Everyone Can Be a Food Ambassador for Haiti on Blogcritics)

We Can Help Ensure Peace by Feeding World (Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 22, 2008)

Food Aid Program is Critical in Many Developing Nations (Cincinnati Post Letter February 8, 2007)

The Other War in Pakistan (History News Network)

Why Can’t We Do Something to End Hunger? We Can (History News Network)

Take in A Silent Guest This Thanksgiving (History News Network)

Egypt Against Shines Spotlight on Global Food Crisis (History News Network)

Surge of Humanitarian Aid Needed for Iraq (Cincinnati Enquirer, August 23rd, 2007)

Food for Education is the Great Hope for Yemen (Yemen Post)

(originally published as Food for Education is the Great Hope for Yemen at Blogcritics)

Lessons for Other War in Pakistan (Durham Herald-Sun 6/9/2009)

Farm Bill Should Give Help to Hungry Children Abroad (Cincinnati Post)

(originally published as Congress Should Expand International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program at Blogcritics)

The War on Hunger is a Fight We Need to Escalate (Cincinnati Enquirer, July 3rd, 2006)

Eisenhower’s Unsung Initiative Can Be Obama’s Most Powerful Tool for Peace (History News Network)

Why Food for Peace Must Remain an American Priority (History News Network)

Way to a Nation’s Hearts and Minds? Its Stomachs (Athens Banner-Herald)

Democracy’s Vital Ingredient- Food (Jacksonville News, NC)

Show Support for Feeding World’s Schoolchildren (Cincinnati Enquirer 11/27/2007)

By Helping Feed World We Help Ourselves (Cincinnati Enquirer 5/10/2007)

Refugees from Iraq war must not be forgotten (Cincinnati Enquirer 3/5/2008)

School Lunches for Peace in Iraq (History News Network)

School Lunches for Kids Around the World: Hey, Why Not? (History News Network)

The School Lunch that Saved Europe (History News Network)

‘Hunger Czar’ Could Help Solve World Crisis (Cincinnati Enquirer)

(originally published as Obama Needs a Global Hunger Advisor on Foreign Policy Team on Blogcritics)

We Could Take Humanitarian Lessons from Herbert Hoover (History News Network)

Obama or McCain Will Need Global Hunger Czar (History News Network)

Article on nuclear terrorism and arms control in the Miami Herald on August 20, 2005

How Ike Can Help Obama’s No Nukes Quest (History News Network)

An Antarctic Solution for the Koreas (San Diego Union-Tribune)

An Approach that has worked before, helping to reduce nuclear weapons (Cedartown Standard)

Nuclear Weapons, the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain? (History News Network)

Both Candidates Must Consider Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Cincinnati Enquirer)

(originally published as Obama or McCain Can Finish Journey to Nuclear Test Ban Treaty on Blogcritics)

Finishing What Eisenhower and Kennedy Started: Banning Nuclear Test Explosions (North Andover Citizen) Page 1  Page 2   Page 3

Open Skies for India and Pakistan (Diplomatic Traffic)

“Trust, but Verify” in the Middle East (History News Network)

Open Skies Policy Should be Used by the Koreas (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Article on Nuclear Terrorism in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Ratify Treaty for Nuclear Security (Cincinnati Post)

A Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Middle East (San Diego Union Tribune)

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (History News Network)

Arms Control During the Eisenhower Administration (History News Network)

Featured in:

Letter from Senator Sherrod Brown about New York Times piece

Letter from Director of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization

Delhi Author Focuses on Hunger (Community Press)

Congrats (Cincinnati Enquirer)

“You are there”: Reliving WWII (Lawrence Eagle Tribune)