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Buffalo News Oped: Health care reform must also address hunger

What has been tragically lost in the debate about health care is the connection to the hunger crisis in our country. According to Feeding America there are 42.2 million people living in food-insecure households, including more than 13 million children.

As families struggle to put food on the table, they are also vulnerable to health issues from the lack of nutrition. Bread for the World estimates $160 billion a year in health-related costs because of hunger in America. Its report states, “people who can’t always afford nutritious food have disproportionately higher rates of chronic diseases and poor health.”

So as Congress debates a new health care law, members should also be considering the costs of hunger, which have such a huge impact.

See my commentary in the Buffalo News (Sunday edition, July 2nd)

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Column: Remember the hungry this Christmas

No one should go hungry, especially at this time of year. There is enough food on the planet for everyone.

Communities and nations are stronger when people are fed and nourished. So let’s make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season and throughout the year.

See my column at Cincinnati.com

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Christmas in July Arrives for Ohio Charity

Summer is a tough time for St. Vincent de Paul, a leading charity fighting hunger in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hunger rates are high where St. Vincent de Paul-Cincinnati operates, well above the national and state averages according to Feeding America.

But donations go down during the summer compared to the holiday giving season. With schools closed, many needy children lose access to the free lunches they get during the academic year. Impoverished families need even more help during the summer months.

While St. Vincent de Paul-Cincinnati has been struggling with this summer crisis, outside the city a different problem has been taking place at Burwinkel Farms of Ross, Ohio.

Read the full article at The Huffington Post:

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Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive vital to stop summer hunger

This Saturday, May 14, you can take action to feed the hungry just by leaving non-perishable food by your mailbox. It’s the national Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. It helps fight hunger by providing much needed support to Feeding America foodbanks all across the country.

On the morning of May 14 you are asked to leave non-perishable food items by your mailbox. These can be items like pasta, rice, peanut butter or any foods that have a long shelf life. Your donations of food will be picked up by your letter carrier that same day.

The food will be taken to emergency foodbanks in your area. Your donations will fight hunger in your community.

This is especially critical with summer approaching because food donations decline during these months. Food banks do not want to face empty shelves during summer. They depend on the national food drive to prevent this from happening.

Sarah Cook of the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank says, “Stamp Out Hunger is among the top three biggest food drives to support our efforts. Last year’s donations through the food drive were the equivalent of more than 51,000 meals. With one in six neighbors in the Tri-State area facing hunger, we hope that residents continue to support this event. And it’s such an easy way to give back.”

All it takes is leaving some food by your mailbox on Saturday, May 14. You are also asked to share photos of your donations on social media with the hashtag #stampouthunger

This will be the 24th year of the Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive. For more information visit www.nalc.org/food.

Read the full article at Examiner.

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My Bennington Banner Oped On Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

What if we had the power to end hunger in America? We could bring a source of stability and hope to every community.

On Saturday, May 14 we have this chance with The National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

You are asked to leave non-perishable food next to your mailbox. These would be items liked boxed cereals, rice, pasta and other foods that have a long shelf life.

Read my full commentary in the Bennington Banner:

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First Lady of Virginia speaks out against hunger

Dorothy McAuliffe, the First Lady of Virginia, wants to do something the presidential candidates have failed to do: make hunger a top issue. Speaking today at the 2016 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference, McAuliffe said it’s a disgrace for the world’s most powerful nation to have hungry citizens.

There are over 49 million Americans living in hunger. Yet there is more than enough food to reach all those in need.

McAuliffe said child hunger has escalated in the last decade noting, “for the first time ever, more than half of the nation’s public school students were eligible for free or reduced price school meals.”

But many of the children who receive the free lunches are not getting school breakfast. This has caused student performance to suffer.

But there is a solution. McAuliffe noted, “schools that have transitioned to a model where breakfast is served after the bell, like Breakfast in the Classroom or Second Chance Breakfast, have seen their participation rates increase dramatically, and have also seen decreased behavior referrals and improved attendance – which in turn has enhanced curriculum time.”

Not only must school breakfast participation improve, but there must be increased access to food after school and during the summer months. If everyone does their part, these safety nets can reach all needy children. McAuliffe said teamwork in her state between the Governor’s office, No Kid Hungry Virginia, FRAC, Virginia Hunger Solutions, and Feeding America has been extraordinary.

She is urging citizens to get involved by contacting Congress. The Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act is up for renewal, and this is a chance for Congress to improve the school breakfast and other programs vital to fighting child hunger.

McAuliffe said it’s our duty to act. She concluded by saying “The fact that we allow children to ever suffer with hunger in this, the most prosperous nation in the history of the world, is an absolute injustice.”

Read the full article at Examiner.

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Primary state South Carolina has high hunger rates

Read the full article at Examiner:

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