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My Pensacola News Journal Oped: Help Farmers Feed Us All

Every Sunday, as Burwinkel Farms of Ohio sets up its summer food stand, a special pickup takes place. A member of the nearby Holy Family Church Pantry stops by to get some of the yummy fruits and vegetables that Burwinkels is so known for.

Burwinkels gives away many boxes of its produce to the Pantry, including some donated by customer purchase. This is fresh, nutritious food that will be distributed to low-income families in the coming week.

Fresh fruits and vegetables seem easy to find for many of us. Just a trip to the grocery store or farm stand and we can get the most nutritious food available.

See the full commentary at the Pensacola News Journal:

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South Sudan program offers glimpse of Feed the Future

As South Sudan struggles with a severe hunger crisis, ongoing aid programs offer a glimpse of what peace might bring.

Read the full article at Examiner.

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Feeding America asks farmers and gardeners to help fight hunger

Feeding America today encouraged farmers and gardening enthusiasts across the nation to help fight hunger. With the arrival of the spring planting season, growing crops for a local food bank would be an effective way to help those in need.

Read the full article at Examiner.com

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