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The Hill Oped: A State of the Union that fights hunger

President Trump, in his 2018 State of the Union, can make a powerful statement for feeding the hungry. The president can set the tone for the whole year in taking action against hunger at home and abroad.

With famine threatening Yemen, South Sudan, the Congo, Nigeria and Somalia the leadership of the United States is desperately needed. History shows we can rise to the occasion.

When President Harry Truman made his 1946 State of the Union, a gathering storm of famine was looming over Europe. That continent was still reeling from the destruction of World War II.  Hunger was everywhere. In his address, delivered in writing to Congress, Truman said “It is imperative that we give all necessary aid within our means to the people who have borne the ravages of war.”

See my full commentary at The Hill

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NY Daily News Oped on Congo Hunger Emergency

President Trump’s vulgar comments about Africa are bad enough. Far more disturbing is his lack of action fighting world hunger, especially that continent’s famine threat.

The United Nations just sounded the alarm of famine threatening the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This war-torn nation has millions of displaced civilians, many of them farmers. Without the planting of crops, food supplies are nonexistent.

War victims in the Congo need the assistance of the UN World Food Program, UNICEF and other relief agencies. But funding is dangerously low. Starvation will claim many lives unless we act now.

See my full commentary at the NY Daily News:

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We Must Respond to South Sudan Famine

The United Nations declared famine Monday in parts of South Sudan, where 100,000 people are facing starvation. It could get much worse too with another million on the brink.

South Sudan, which has suffered immensely from civil conflict, could see over 5 million people living in hunger if no action is taken.

Read the full article at the Huffington Post:

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The Year America Saved Russia from Starvation

This holiday season there is a gathering storm of famine. El Nino related drought threatens over ten million with food shortages in Ethiopia.  Millions of war victims are starving in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen.

These hunger emergencies demand the world’s attention. We can look to history for inspiration and remember America’s greatest Christmas gift.

It was 1921 in Russia and an AP journalist had just attended a mass in the town of Volsk. As he was leaving the church, the priest rushed after him. He had a message he wanted the reporter to share with America: Please send food and save us from starvation!

See my commentary at the History News Network.

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Video: Herbert Hoover addresses the nation about global hunger on May 17, 1946

Herbert Hoover addresses the nation about global hunger on May 17, 1946. See the video on YouTube.

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Video: Food for the Netherlands- World War II

This video shows footage of American planes dropping food into the Netherlands near the end of World War II. Food shortages caused by World War II claimed the lives of many people in the Netherlands during the hunger winter of 1944–1945.

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Somalia facing a new year of tragedy

There is alarming news coming from Somalia. The East African nation, which just three years ago suffered a famine, is in danger of a new hunger emergency.

Read the full article at Examiner.

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