WFP and Yemen Sign Food Aid Agreement, but Funding Remains Low

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) announced today it had signed two agreements with Yemen‘s government on feeding five million people in the impoverished country. Implementation of the agreement will depend on funding received from the international community.

Lubna Alaman, WFP Country Director says, “This is a critical time for Yemen and we hope that WFP assistance will contribute to the general stabilization of Yemen at an important moment in the transition process. We hope that we receive funding to be able to continue our programmes to reduce acute malnutrition among young mothers and children as well as raise the food consumption levels of families struggling to feed their families and others affected by conflict.”

The food aid will be distributed to families all across Yemen struggling with hunger and high food prices. Internally displaced persons and refugees from Somalia will also benefit. Small children will be provided special nutritional foods to prevent the lasting physical and mental damage caused by malnutrition.

WFP relies on voluntary funding to carry out these programs. Currently only US $127 million of US $242 million has been received. Donors so far include Japan, the United States, Canada, the European Commission, Germany and Finland.

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