School Feeding Starts for Syrian Refugee Children

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) said today that school feeding has started for over 10,500 Syrian children in refugee camps in Jordan and Iraq. The goal is to boost nutrition and school attendance at the same time.

WFP is already reporting a 20 percent school attendance increase in the Jordan camps since the feeding began.

Muhannad Hadi, WFP’s Emergency Coordinator for the Syria crisis, says “Many Syrian children have already gone through an incredible ordeal — losing family members, crossing borders and living as refugees in neighbouring countries — and they need to be back in school. We use school feeding across the world to provide vital nutrition to children and encourage them to stay in school. We don’t want to see a lost generation of Syrian children who fail to reach their potential.”

At the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan 6,000 children are receiving a mid-day snack in two UNICEF operated schools. Save the Children is assisting with distribution of the food. WFP plans to boost the Jordan program to reach 30,000 children. At the Domiz camp in Northern Iraq 4,500 children are receiving the nutritious snacks, which are fortified with 11 vitamins, 3 minerals and 450 calories. Plans are underway to increase the program in Iraq to 6,000 children.

WFP relies on voluntary funding and needs US $ 780,000 to continue the school feeding for the rest of the year. For the entire Syria relief mission WFP is short on US $ 113 million in funding to provide aid through June.

WFP has a relief fund where you can donate to help Syrian war victims.

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