Help Fight Hunger in America from Your Kitchen

The Child Hunger Ends Here program is part of ConAgra Foods’ ongoing commitment to help end child hunger in America. For every code entered by 8/31/13, ConAgra Foods will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America Credits: ConAgra Foods

This week I have an Easter oped in the Des Moines Register with some free ways you can fight world hunger using Charity Miles and FreeRice. There is another way too using groceries you might already have in your own kitchen.

ConAgra Foods has placed special codes on many of its products. These include Chef Boyardee, Healthy Choice, Hunts Tomato Sauce, Peter Pan peanut butter, Marie Callender and many others. When you see a red push pin on the product label that says Child Hunger Ends Here, the eight digit code is right next to it in a blue box.

You then go to the web site Child Hunger Ends Here, enter the 8 digit code, click submit and ConAgra will donate 1 meal to Feeding America. This will support food banks across the country which are part of the Feeding America network. So far 741,545 codes have been entered since January 11th and the goal is to reach 3 million meals.

When you visit the site you can view information about hunger in your state. There is also a complete list of ConAgra products where you can find the codes.

It’s an easy way to help support food banks with products you might very well have in your kitchen right now.

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