How to Use Charity Miles to Raise Funds for the World Food Programme and Feeding America

Here is a video and some instructions on how to use the free app Charity Miles to help raise funds for the World Food Programme, Feeding America and other charities while you walk, run or bike.  (courtesy Ekaterina Oshepkova of the World Food Programme)

How do I use the app Charity Miles?

1. Download the application at

2. It will ask you to connect via Facebook. Note, without a Facebook account, you will not be able to use the application. Also, your GPS must be on. (most cell phones apparently already have this on)

3. When you are ready to exercise, select the charity in which you will be exercising for. You can do so by sliding the screen until you see WFP, which is the 10th charity.

4. Select, walk, run, or bike. The application will then start & track your distance.

5. When you are finished, or want to take a break, select stop.

6. If you wish to resume, select resume. If you are finished, select finish.

7. When you are finished with your exercise, the application will prompt you to accept sponsorship. Accept Sponsorship. If you do not accept sponsorship and allow a post to your Facebook wall, no money will be donated to the charity.


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