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Snow Leopard, Yeti Ask for Help in Building Global School Lunch Program

The Huffington Post just ran a story about the Yeti and whether scientists have found evidence of one of the creatures in Siberia. However, readers of my column know that the Yeti has been hard at work for the UN World Food Programme (WFP)  promoting an end to global hunger .

With his friend the Snow Leopard the Yeti was featured in the story and coloring book “The Snow Leopard, the Yeti and the Girl Who Climbed Mount Everest.” The Yeti and the Snow Leopard want kids and their parents to join them in supporting the WFP Fill the Cup Campaign to build a global school lunch program.

The Yeti and the Snow Leopard also issued praise for the McGovern-Dole School Lunch program which just sent food for schoolchildren in their home of Nepal. CNN reports the snow leopard has also been sighted recently in Afghanistan, where there is a tremendous shortage of school meals for children due to low funding for the World Food Programme.

 The Snow Leopard, the Yeti and the Girl Who Climbed Mount Everest (illustrated by Angie Espelage)

Story version and Coloring Book version

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