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Why Nuke Treaty Vital for Israel, Iran and the United States

It’s not well known that Israel, Iran and the United States have all signed a nuclear arms control treaty. It’s the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), which bans all nuclear test explosions.

Israel, Iran and the U.S. also host detection stations to make sure no country cheats this treaty. These are stations that detect seismic activity or radioactive particles that would signal a nuclear weapons explosion. This international monitoring system is meant to catch any country that tries to do secret nuclear tests in violation of the CTBT.

See my commentary at The Huffington Post:

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Why stop with just one nuclear deal with Iran?

We are close to finalizing a deal preventing nuclear weapons in Iran. But let’s not stop with just this one agreement.

Let’s enter into what President Kennedy called a “peace race.” There are other steps needed to improve nuclear security in the Middle East and worldwide.

Read my full commentary at The Hill.

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