Boko Haram causing a hunger crisis

Boko Haram violence has displaced thousands in northeast Nigeria. It has also spilled over into other countries, causing a hunger crisis in Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is trying to provide aid for thousands displaced by the terrorist group. The Far North Region of Cameroon, for example, is having to take in many conflict victims. Yet this region is one of the poorest in the world. The host communities need assistance themselves.

These affected areas of West Africa are also in the lean season, when food supplies are already low. Malnutrition rates are high.

WFP says the situation is urgent. Denise Brown, the WFP director for West Africa explains,

Women displaced by conflict have lost their husbands, walked for days to safety and rely on the support of already vulnerable communities. The lean season is upon us, and as local granaries are emptying, women tell of their families going hungry.”

Tragically, WFP is not able to provide food aid to all the victims due to funding shortages. Less than half of the people WFP planned to feed have received the food. Others have received reduced rations.

WFP requires around $ US 74.8 million to reach the hungry. The plan is to feed around 395,900 persons affected by the violence.

WFP is urging the international community to step up support for the emergency mission. The UN food agency relies entirely on voluntary donations.

Read more at Examiner.

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