School meals give hope in South Sudan

A generation of children in South Sudan are growing up in hunger and without education. There is hope for some children with school feeding provided by the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

So far this year, WFP has fed about 192,000 children in South Sudan with meals in schools that are still open. When WFP sees an area where hunger rates are high, they set up school feeding to help. It’s a food for education initiative.

If you can feed children at school, that encourages parents to send their children. The promise of a free meal at school means everything in area where hunger and poverty are so high. School meals are considered a safety net for the poor.

Around 20,000 school girls are receiving take-home rations as well. This improves school attendance rates among girls, which are historically lower.

Overall, the school feeding is an effective way to feed children and allow them to stay in school. This keeps the children safe from recruitment into armed forces and other dangers.

WFP relies on voluntary donations to keep school feeding and other food programs operating. They need donations more than ever in areas struck by conflict like South Sudan.

Read the full article at Examiner.

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