Please support my UNICEF fundraiser to help Ebola victims

Untitled25176bf2ba583a-52fb879568a55Hello! I am fundraising with Team UNICEF. All of the funds we raise for UNICEF are going to be sent to West Africa to treat Ebola victims. In fact, this was announced in a USA Today article that mentioned our team!

And also it was announced that the Paul Allen Family Foundation will match any donation to team UNICEF through October 23rd. Please visit my TEAM UNICEF fundraising page to make a donation.

This is a great opportunity to support the international response to the Ebola outbreak. Most importantly, it tackles the crisis at the source in West Africa, which is the best way.

UNICEF is on the front lines of treating Ebola victims, but they are not even half funded for this mission. UNICEF provides medicine, medical supplies, nutrition, clean water, hygiene kits and psycho-social support to Ebola victims, their families and communities. Without funding though, these programs either get reduced or sometimes suspended.

The countries in West Africa are extremely impoverished and really need the help of UNICEF and other aid groups or they will not be able to stop the Ebola. I think we know from watching the news recently we don’t want to see this happen.

So I thought I would mention this great opportunity to fight the Ebola virus through Team UNICEF. I encourage you to donate and circulate this to anyone who wants to join this cause.

My UNICEF fundraising page is available online at

As I mentioned all of them will be matched by the Paul Allen Family Foundation through October 23rd. The donations are tax deductible.

Facing Ebola and multiple wars and who knows what next, we are in definitely some tough and scary times. But someone can always take action. If everyone does a little, we can accomplish a lot.

Thank you,


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