College runner surges over 100 miles to fight world hunger

Here is an update on NCAA cross country runner Amanda Shelby of the College of Mount St. Joseph. Earlier this year I featured Amanda on the Huffington Post and at Examiner.

Amanda has been piling up the miles in her comeback training for next season. She has already passed over 100 Charity Miles helping the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the largest hunger relief organization.

Charity Miles is the free app where you run, walk or bike to raise money for different causes. The donations are paid for by corporate sponsors including Lifeway Foods and Humana.

The donations generated by Amanda for WFP are well over 100 meals. So just picture a few classrooms in a developing country with a little over 30 kids each. It could be in Afghanistan, Mali, Haiti, South Sudan, or even the Middle East. Each child would receive a school meal for the day because of those donations. In impoverished countries that sometimes is their only meal of the day. So imagine if Amanda’s donations were duplicated among all cross country runners.

Amanda has also done Charity Miles workouts for Feeding America and a significant number for the ASPCA. She has helped 3 charities so far with her offseason workouts. Amanda also helped coordinate a Charity Miles community walk at the college called Mount Miles.

Check out the Charity Miles free app at and you too can help out WFP and other causes.

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