Interview: Alanna Imbach of the UN World Food Programme on Charity Miles app

Using Charity Miles you can help support school feeding programs run by the World Food Programme
WFP/Kongkea Chhoeun

In my last article, I wrote about Charity Miles and how you can use this free app to help raise donations to fight hunger and cancer.

Yesterday, I interviewed Alanna Imbach of the UN World Food Programme (WFP). She tells us more about how by walking, running or biking you can help support WFP, the world’s largest organization fighting hunger.

How did WFP connect with Charity Miles?

WFP is always on the lookout for innovative new ways to tackle global hunger issues, and engage people in efforts to reduce malnutrition and hunger. Charity Miles founder and brainchild, Gene Gurkoff, invited WFP to join up with this exciting new initiative early in 2012. When the game-changing phone application went live in June of this year, WFP was one of an initial nine top charities that walkers, runners and bikers can choose to support.

Give us an example of how funds raised through Charity Miles will help WFP feed the hungry?

It’s incredibly easy—and it’s free! When you use the Charity Miles app, your phone’s GPS is used to measure the distance that you cover during your walk or workout. WFP then receives 25 cents for each mile that you walk or run, or 10 cents for each mile biked. It may not sound like much, but with as little as 25 cents, WFP is able to provide a healthy meal to a child in school.

How easy is it for someone to join?

Using Charity Miles to support WFP in the fight against hunger is as simple as downloading the free application onto your iPhone or Android smartphone, then activating it while you enjoy your jaunt through the fresh outdoors. The app can be downloaded at, and must be connected to an active Facebook account.

Do you see an increasing trend of support for WFP resulting from Charity Miles?

WFP’s partnership with Charity Miles is not just about raising money. It is also very much about raising awareness about global hunger, and empowering people to change the world by earning meals for hungry and malnourished kids in need, all while having fun. It has been great to see more and more people using Charity Miles as a launching pad to start conversations (and friendly competitions!) with their friends and colleagues about hunger in school and homes around the world.

Article first published as Interview: Alanna Imbach of the UN World Food Programme on Charity Miles Mobile App on Blogcritics.

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