WFP to host Syrian hunger relief event on Google

A family’s destroyed car surrounded by ruins in Baba Amr in Syria
Credits: WFP/Laure Chadraoui

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) and Google+ will be hosting an event at 12pm Eastern time on Thursday, September 20th where people can learn more about the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Using a Google + Hangout representatives from WFP will discuss how critical food aid is for refugees from the conflict in Syria.

WFP is trying to feed 1.5 million people in Syria this month as well as thousands who have fled to neighboring countries. Abeer Etefa, a WFP Middle East officer, will be in Damascus, Syria to discuss how the UN food agency is carrying out this complex and dangerous relief mission.

She will be joined by members of the media and will take questions. You can submit your questions on Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #wfpsyria.

WFP says that event will be broadcast on their Google+ Page and on YouTube. Facing a funding shortage of 61 million dollars for its relief work, WFP hopes to rally global support for helping war victims in Syria and throughout the Middle East.

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