Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank Summer Feeding Sites for Children

When summer comes children are at an increased risk of hunger since they lose access to the free or reduced price meals available at school. Summer feeding programs need to be established to fill in the gaps. In Hamilton County last year there were 45,950 needy students who took part in the federal lunch program during the school year while only 3,990 children received summer feeding. (Feeding America photo)

The Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank, with the help of a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has announced the summer food service program. From June 11 through Aug. 10 (closed July 4th) children ages 1-18 will be able to receive lunches at eight sites throughout the city. The Freestore Foodbanks’s Cincinnati Cooks students will prepare the meals which will include sandwiches and tuna salad.

During the school year children from lower income families have access to free or reduced price meals via the federal school lunch program. When school closes, children often lose access to these meals unless summer feeding is sponsored.

The Children’s Hunger Alliance of Ohio reports that in Hamilton County last year 45,950 eligible children took part in the free/reduced price lunch program. In the summer though only 3,990 eligible children received meals because of the difficulty distributing food with school closed.

Governor John Kasich recently issued an executive order which would provide $1 million to help increase summer feeding coverage in parts of the state. More funding will be needed though to help Cincinnati and other areas provide more summer meals.

Jessica Shelly, the food service director of Cincinnati Public Schools, says that free breakfast will be served at school sites during the summer. This will be a continuation of the free breakfast program offered when school is in session.

A recent report from Feeding America showed that 18 percent of the population of Hamilton County is suffering from hunger or “food insecurity.” The availability of free or reduced price meals is vital to fighting a child hunger crisis in the Tri-State area.

The eight locations for Freestore Foodbank summer lunches beginning June 11 include:

Deer Park Public Library (3970 E. Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati OH 45236, M-F 12:00-12:30pm) 513-369-4450

Elmwood Place Public Library (6120 Vine St. Cincinnati OH 45216, M-F 1:00-1:30pm) 513-369-4452

Forest Park Public Library (655 Waycross Rd. Cincinnati OH 45240, M-F 12:00-12:30pm) 513-369-4478

Groesbeck Public Library (2994 W. Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati OH 45239 M-F 12:00-12:30pm) 513-369-4454

North Central Public Library (11109 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati OH 45231 M-F 12:00-12:30pm) 513-369-6068

Reading Public Library (9001 Reading Rd. Cincinnati OH 45215 M-F 12:00-1:00pm) 513-369-4465

Sharonville Public Library (10980 Thornview Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45241 M-F 12:00-12:30pm) 513-369-6049

Skyline Community Center (8500 Pippin Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45251 M-F 12:00-1:00pm) (513) 729-0757

Read about more summer feeding sites run by Cincinnati Public Schools.

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