An Interview with David Green of Feeding Children Everywhere

Group of volunteers preparing meals which Feeding Children Everywhere will ship to the hungry both at home and abroad. The meal contains rice, protein (lentils), vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Children Everywhere is a charity based in Florida that is taking on the hunger and malnutrition crisis both at home and abroad.

Founded by Don Campbell in 2010, Feeding Children Everywhere quickly brought 250,000 meals into Haiti to help earthquake victims. Since then they have continued and expanded hunger relief efforts.

Feeding Children Everywhere hosts meal packing events where volunteers gather to prepare food that will be shipped to those in need. David Green, the Chief Operating Officer, recently took time to discuss the charity’s accomplishments and vision.

How many meals has your organization made and shipped here in the United States and around the world?

We were founded in August of 2010. In 19 months we’ve shipped 7.2 million meals to hungry kids around the world.

What are some of the communities in the U.S. that have received meals from Feeding Children Everywhere?

We’ve sent a large number or meals to crisis food pantries in Florida’s public schools. We now have events planned for public schools in Georgia, California, Colorado, Texas, New York, and Arizona. Our goal is that by 2015 we will be providing 100 million meals a year to crisis food pantries in public schools around the U.S.

Is your organization involved with supporting summer feeding for children who no longer have access to meals provided through school feeding?

We support programs year round. We believe that Children always need sustainable access to food.

When we send meals to a school it is targeted to last an entire year. We want to make sure the program is consistent and reliable year round.

The meals go in the crisis food pantry at the school. If the school is closed then there is nobody there to distribute meals.

What countries have you sent meals?

A lot. Most recent or upcoming would be:

Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia, India, Dominican Republic, U.S.

Where do you receive funding to produce the meals?

Our funding comes primarily from the 25 cents per meal that meal packing event sponsors donate to fund a project. In 2011, 93% of the donations we received went directly to meals for kids.

How can some get involved with Feeding Children Everywhere?

Volunteer at a local packing event in their area, become an intern, sponsor a meal packing event, donate, or become one of our “Hunger Heroes.”

For more information visit Feeding Children Everywhere.

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