Thailand: Children Desperately Need Help as Massive Floods Strike

This summer I interviewed Save the Children’s Annie Bodmer-Roy about the post-conflict recovery in the Ivory Coast. She is now in Thailand helping children who are suffering from the massive flooding that just struck there. Hundreds have lost their lives in the floods.  Damage, which includes farming areas,  is estimated in the billions of dollars.

Save the Children is distributing food in Thailand and setting up child-friendly spaces.  The psychological toll of going through a disaster  is hard enough at any age. For children the trauma is magnified. Amid the chaos of the flooding it is also tragically easy for children to get separated from their parents. Save the Children is working to prevent this and help keep families together.

Bodmer-Roy says, “The main challenge we face today is the lack of funds for the floods response. Government capacity is stretched as flood-waters continue to rise, now ever closer to Bangkok, and children desperately need help. We need more funds to help these kids and right now we’re struggling to get the resources we need.”

To learn more about this fast developing crisis read Annie Bodmer-Roy’s post at Save the Children UK.



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