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Petition Calls on Senate to Ratify Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Nuclear Weapons Test during the 1950s. (National Archives photo)

A new petition at CARE2 calls on the Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). The treaty bans all nuclear weapons test explosions.

The Senate has to ratify the treaty for the U.S to join. Nine countries, including the United States, still need to ratify the treaty for it to enter into force. The other eight countries include China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan. Russia has already ratified the CTBT.

Ellen Tauscher, Undersecretary for Arms Control, says, “The CTBT is central to leading nuclear weapons states toward a world of diminished reliance on nuclear weapons and reduced nuclear competition.”

The petition reads:

We the undersigned ask you to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). A global ban of nuclear test explosions benefits U.S. national security.

The CTBT is a step toward nuclear disarmament. The treaty is a step away from a costly arms race which new nuclear test explosions would certainly invoke.

Nuclear weapons spending drains our society of resources better spent on domestic and international priorities. Ratification of the CTBT will be vital for moving forward on further agreements related to worldwide nuclear disarmament.

Our Stockpile Stewardship Program can maintain our current nuclear arsenal. The CTBT international monitoring system will ensure there is compliance with the treaty globally.

The threat of nuclear war, nuclear terrorism and the massive cost of nuclear arsenals make the CTBT very much in our interest. We ask that you support ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

Thank you for reading this petition.

You can sign the petition at CARE2

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The Road to Peace: From the Disarming of the Great Lakes to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

At a press conference President Eisenhower stated, “the concept of atomic war is too horrible for man to endure and to practice, and he must find some way out of it.” In “The Road to Peace” read about President Eisenhower and President Kennedy’s pursuit of a nuclear test ban treaty, a first step in nuclear arms control with the Soviet Union. The attempt to control nuclear weaponry came at a time when the Soviet Union and the United States were engaged in the Cold War. Tensions were running high.

A lesser-known arms control measure is also discussed in the book, how the Soviet Union and the United States actually agreed to ban nuclear weapons from at least one part of the globe in 1959. Also read how a diplomat from Mexico led the struggle to create a nuclear weapons free zone in Latin America in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“The Road to Peace” includes the struggles between America and Britain over the Great Lakes and the Oregon territory. The now peaceful border of the United States and Canada did not come about easily. Read about diplomatic initiatives after World War I when the great hope of mankind was an end to warfare. Also, there is a concluding section on the INF and Open Skies treaties. Featured in “The Road to Peace” are notable peace efforts by extraordinary statesmen who served in government here and abroad from 1812 to the 20th century. Lessons of diplomacy and cooperation between countries are applicable to today’s conflicts.

Table of Contents
1. War and Peace on the Great Lakes
2. The Oregon Treaty
3. Peace After the Great War?
4. Eisenhower, Kennedy and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
5. The First Nuclear Weapon Free Zones
Epilogue- The INF and Open Skies Treaties

The Road to Peace is available from


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